I'm a PhD student working within the project "Ciencia Abierta en España: una aproximación global para evaluar su grado de implementación" in the Facultat d'Informació i Mitjans Audiovisuals at the Universitat de Barcelona.

With a background in Archaeology (Universitat de Barcelona) and Languages and Literatures (Universitat de Barcelona), I have recently moved towards Digital Humanities.

My PhD focuses on Open Data in Archaeology in Catalonia, and I study the researchers current practices and their perspectives on the matter. If you want more information about this, you can find it under the Current research page. My research interests are broad and include Open data, linked data, photogrammetry, medieval archaeology, and mountain settlements. For more information about my research, check out my Publications page!

I'm passionate about learning new skills; recently I'm getting my hands dirty playing around with clay.